Company profile

Company profile

Zhuoshan Haolide Pump Industry Co, Ltd was established in 2004, the biggest high quality pool pump manufacturer in China. We mainly produce self-priming water circulation pumps and high pressure air blowers. With professional work team and excellent equipments, we constantly strengthen internal management, actively reform and innovate, insisting development of our own brand line. Under our company, we have Spain brand CADISDON, and domestic brand PORLID and HAOLI.

We provide OEM service for more than 15 famous pool brand in EU, ASIA, AFRICA customer.
Since 2010, we started to produce FRP sand filters, ozone tanks, adsorption tanks, underground integration equipments and etc. Our products are widely used in Sauna, hot spring, SPA,swimming pool, ocean parks, aquarium aquaculture rain river industry water treatment and etc.

We're qualified with international and domestic certificates of disease control, environmentfriendly, 3C, CE and etc. By insisting on policy of"Quality Guarantee, Trust Pragmatic, Positive innovation, Customer Oriented", we bring our marketing work net all over the world. We make efforts to research and develop high-performance products, and provide perfect service to allover world customer.




The Cadisdon logo is a representation of our company's commitment to providing high-quality products to our customers. The logo features a sheaf of wheat and a shield emblem, symbolizing our dedication to producing reliable, durable goods that can withstand the test of time. The sheaf of wheat represents the strength and dependability of our products, while the shield emblem represents our company's commitment to protecting our customers' interests. Together, these elements form a logo that communicates our values and the quality of our products to our customers.


Porlid is a product brand that is committed to providing reliable and efficient products to our customers. We focus on quality, speed, and reliability, and our blue and white design symbolizes our determination to strive for excellence in all aspects of our business.

The Porlid brand primarily produces standard products that are designed to meet the needs of our customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. However, we also accept some customization requirements to ensure that our customers' specific needs are met.


Haoli is the trademark of Haoli Pumps Ltd. and consists of the letters "H" and "L". The design concept of Haoli symbolizes the professionalism, stability and reliability of our services, and the name Haoli also means that our company will be invincible in the pump industry. We will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "professionalism, innovation, quality and service" to provide customers with better quality products and services.